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5 Simple Tips To Relieve a Stuffy Nose

5 Simple Tips To Relieve a Stuffy Nose

5 Simple Tips To Relieve a Stuffy Nose –┬áKesulitan bernapas karena hidung tersumbat bisa sangat menyiksa. Terlebih kalau mengalaminya pada malam hari, bisa-bisa jadi tak bisa tidur! Biasanya keluhan ini dialami akibat udara atau cuaca dingin, sinusitis, flu, atau masalah saluran pernapasan lainnya.

Bagi sebagian orang, obat-obatan akan menjadi pilihan untuk mengatasi hidung tersumbat. Namun, sebetulnya kamu juga bisa, lho, melegakan hidung tersumbat tanpa obat, yaitu dengan cara alami. Sederhana tapi ampuh, berikut ini caranya!

1. Steam inhalation

Steam inhalation or inhaling hot steam can be done in a simple way. No need to use special tools, you only need a towel and basin to do this.

Simply pour warm or hot water into the basin, then turn your head over it. After that, cover your head with a towel so that the steam you breathe is maximized. Don’t forget to be careful when doing it so that your face doesn’t blister because it’s too close to the heat source.

The same effect can also be obtained by taking a warm bath. The steam and temperature you get when you shower can help relieve breathing and relax your body.

2. Compress with warm water

Compressing with warm water can help to loosen the respiratory tract. You can use a small towel and place it on your forehead or on your nose.

Before using the compress, make sure the water you are going to use is warm. Don’t get it too hot so it doesn’t burn your skin.

3. Use balsam or eucalyptus oil

The warmth caused by the balm and eucalyptus oil can have a calming effect and also relieve breathing.

To deal with nasal congestion, you can apply it to your forehead, temples and chest. Or it can also be used just by inhaling the aroma.

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4. Keeps the body hydrated

Not only water, you can also consume drinks or even other foods that contain water. If you have a stuffy nose accompanied by a sore throat, hot tea or soupy food can be a great relief.

5. Eating spicy food

For those who like to eat spicy food, this method can help relieve nasal congestion.

one expert said that the mechanism that causes the discharge of fluids when eating spicy food is that the body tries to excrete foreign substances, which in this case is the content of chilies, by producing a lot of liquid. At the same time, the mucus inside the nose also comes out.

However, consumption of spicy food is also reasonable, don’t overdo it. Because, consuming too much can cause irritation to the stomach.

Those are five natural and simple ways to relieve nasal congestion. From the methods above, which one is your mainstay?