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How to prevent TBC disease

How to prevent TBC disease

How to prevent TBC disease – TB disease is often caused by bacteria from the food we eat. Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the most deadly infectious diseases. However, don’t worry, here’s how to prevent TB disease that you can do.

1. Quit Smoking

The first way to prevent TB disease is to not or stop smoking. For those of you who are active and social smokers, come on, stop now. It’s never too late, really!

The reason is, the harmful content contained in cigarettes can increase the risk of TB disease.

Although it is very difficult, but you should still try to try to stop smoking so that you can avoid the name TB disease. You can ask for support from people around you to stop, or if you need professional help.

2. Maintain Body Endurance

The second way you have to do is to keep your immune system optimal. You need to know that a weak immune system can make TB transmission easier and faster.

Therefore, you are strongly advised to exercise regularly, get enough rest, manage stress well, and of course apply a balanced nutritious diet.

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3. Wear a Mask in Public

Another tip to prevent TB disease is to wear a mask, especially in public places, such as in public transportation or malls. You never know whether you will come into contact with someone who can transmit TB or not. This method is important to prevent bacteria that can enter through the respiratory tract.

4. Get the BCG (Bacillus Calmette-Guerin) Vaccine

According to information on the KNCV Indonesia Foundation website, the BCG vaccine is a vaccination that must be given to babies before turning 3 months old and is a vaccine for TB disease. The BCG vaccine is 70 to 80 percent effective in preventing severe TB infections in children, such as tuberculosis meningitis and miliary tuberculosis. The BCG vaccine only needs to be given once in a lifetime.

Currently, there is no vaccine that is effective in preventing TB disease in adults, either before or after exposure to TB infection.

However, keep in mind that people who have been vaccinated with BCG are not necessarily immune to TB infection. A clean and healthy lifestyle is very important to improve the immune system so that it is not easily infected with bacteria.